Career in ASP.NET: the Opportunities for Freshers

What does a person in the IT industry want at the end of the day? 

  • A well-paying job  
  • A well understanding partner who will put up with their ungodly office hours and work pressure. 

Well, your search ends here, as taking up the Divine duty of match making, this article will guide you through your search for the former.  Now whip out your CV (which is basically your IT-zodiac chart, to be honest) and if it boasts of ASP.NET skills, your stars are well aligned as you have come to the right place. Strap in, for you are about to take a quick tour of what’s and how’s in the field of ASP.NET and the career opportunities in the ASP.NET development services.

What is ASP.NET?

Developed by the IT giant, Microsoft, ASP.NET is a web application developing platform. ASP.NET provides developers with a model of programming, as well as comprehensive software infrastructures and other services needed to create sturdy web applications that can run on various devices including PCs, Mobile phones and PDAs.

ASP.NET comes as an integral part of the whole .NET platform by Microsoft. It enables developers to select their preferred coding language from an array of choices, such as C#, Visual Basic.Net, J# and Jscript. The applications developed are basically codes compiled and are interactive and data driven in nature. 

Why is there a demand for ASP.NET applications?

A large number of business organizations are inclined towards web applications developed in ASP.NET, primarily because of the strong security features that come along with the technology. Other reasons include-

  • The web server of ASP.NET keeps a constant eye on the applications running on it and with any hint of illegal activities it immediately troubleshoots and restarts the application.
  • Due to the in-built authentication system by Windows and pre-application configuration system, all the applications developed through this platform are much safer.
  • It does not constraint the developers into using any one particular coding language, providing flexibility in the web development system.
  • The platform is able to astonishingly reduce the amount of code required to construct larger applications.
  • As the information of the configuration is already built-in, there is no need of registering components.
  • On ASP.NET developed programs it is much easier to get simple and usual tasks done like instant messaging, submitting forms, the configuration of sites and authentication of the client for deployment, etc.

What are the career opportunities?

A person with special skill in .NET in general already has a lot of bright career scope in the IT firms. With the added preference of giant companies towards MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists), ASP.NET developers are somewhat a step further in terms of career opportunities.  As a fresher, they are hired as web developers, to create applications that can run on any platform with ease. A prior work experience goes a long way in bringing in better job opportunities for ASP.NET developers. Along with being a web developer, one can also work as a Network Analyst or a Network administrator. Aside from the mainstream IT industries, ASP.NET developers have a handful of other work areas to look into as well, for example, independent establishments often look for experienced web designers to create out of the box programs and web pages for their brand, whereas sometimes are technicians are called for in order to repair and restore and if the necessity arises, to troubleshoot programs.

What are the academic requirements?

You can belong to any background, from B.E, B.Tech, MCA, BCA, MBA or even Diploma, as long you receive your ASP.NET training from a reputed institution. It is easy to learn if one has considerable skills in programming. A lot of institutions offer courses that can be learned in parallel along with graduate courses. The internet also has a handful of tutorial lessons available to give you access to the basics of the subject matter. If you are looking for a better understanding of the subject before jumping right into the courses available, a thorough net browsing is highly encouraged.

Most of the companies that are offering jobs to ASP.NET developers are usually looking for individuals with international certification of their training. The international certification exams are normally conducted online. One of the major plus points of these online international certification exams is that these are organized by the likes of  Microsoft, Sun Micro System, and Cisco System, the leading Information Technology companies internationally.

It is needless to say that the career prospects in the field of ASP.NET development services are quite versatile and abundant. With the proper training from recognized institutions, an international certification can be a huge functional element in your CV. With the worldwide spread of Information Technology, it is quite normal that the job options have widened as well and in your quest for your ideal job in this industry, an ASP.NET development skill can be your Holy Grail. With a little focus and understanding, you shall soon find your match made in Technology heaven.