Facebook released new software to accelerate android mobile development

Facebook has recently announced release of new software “React Native” to accelerate the android mobile development and developing most sophisticated mobile apps for different businesses and organizations. The software has been tested thoroughly by Facebook team and it was released after six months of React Native IOS.

The main objective behind development of React Native is to make android developers more productive and innovative in practice. It will also strengthen the skills of development on client server frameworks, android technologies and server based rendering etc. With this software, developers can made programming easier and have fun with it. This is an open source platform that will surely allow developers to create more efficient and result oriented mobile apps.

Facebook is largely focus on android mobile development so that users focus can shift from desktop to mobile phones. The person who has basic knowledge of Java script and objective C can easily work on software. Even code can also be reused that reduces overall development time and efforts too.

Being a software engineer, the only work you have to do is focus on native look and feel of the program. Rest will be done by React Native software itself. The software has SDKs, multiple APIs and different programming environments that will development task much easier as compared to past. Now developers don’t have to think much on code lines, instead they should focus on look of program only.

So this would not be saying wrong that Facebook’s software has made android mobile development team more productive and innovative.  Even new developers can easily work on tools and it would be easy for team to explain about android features and functionalities. They would be familiar with relevant tools and technologies in less time only.

Facebook is also planning to release new version of software that would help in cross platform development and it would be much powerful than existing version. Now concepts can be manipulated more quickly and you can explore your knowledge base too.