How Does Cloud Automation Affect Manual Testing?

The world of mobile application is vast and the plethora of applications available for the same purpose makes the competition really stiff. This is one of the reasons why testing is an extremely important facet of app development. The other important considerations include revenues from downloads, user experience, positive reviews, etc.

While testing has its set of advantages, there are many challenges as well. When apps are deployed through various new mediums, then the initial phases of setting up a testing environment and creating test cases can be a real challenge. Moving your app to cloud or deploying it through the cloud is one such situation which has become common.

This blog will discuss how cloud automation affects the testing in whole with particular focus on manual QA testing. Let’s look at a few effects of cloud automation on testing industry.

The Environment

When we talk about the on-premise environment for testing, it is a controlled environment where inputs and outputs depend on what you are doing. This in reality does not resemble the actual user environment which is way more versatile and unpredictable. The user environment will keep changing unlike the on-premise testing environment.

When you deploy apps through cloud, infrastructure is generally not in your control unless you have infrastructure as a service. In this case, it is easy to replicate user like environment which might change and as a result manual QA testing is more appropriate because standardizing everything might not be possible.

The Exposure

The kind of cloud you opt for like public, private, or hybrid differ slightly from each other. Opting for an automatic testing solution might require a lot of customization and thus investment. Automation should be limited to testing in cases where the investment is worth and the return is high. In cloud set-up, automation can be a high investment with minimal return in some cases.

Manual QA testing works well in a cloud set-up because same resources can be used to check the application that is deployed through the cloud irrespective of it being private, public, or hybrid. The need is to inform the resources of the test cases and equip them to test efficiently.

The Scalability

One of the core reasons for cloud’s popularity is the scalability. You pay for the service that you want and you can easily transition from one to another. This is a great advantage. In case of automatic testing, the solution that you choose might not be as scalable as manual QA testing where the number of testers can be altered as per the requirement.

Additionally, an automatic tool might work for particular Software whereas manual QA can be trained to use a specific solution or test a product according new or different protocols that are not common with automatic testing tools.

Manual QA testing has its share of pros and cons when compared to automatic testing. Make your choice wisely by considering what you are testing and also what you want to achieve and soar to great heights with the right type of testing.