How to code an iOS app?

iOS app development is an interesting process for a lay man who wants to code an app. It’s a two way process where an experienced coder or a budding coder can develop an app. iOS app development can be done with Apple’s development tools. Apple Organisation has defined clear cut rules and possibilities for app development and has different language options too for app development.

One good thing about using iOS for iOS app development is that there is little device crumbling. Once you develop an app for a specific set of devices that run on iOS, the app works fine for all other devices using iOS. You can start by coding simple applications and then these applications can be the base for more specialized applications.

Xcode is Apple’s Integrated Application Development (IDE) for iOS app development. Xcode is a graphical interface and is freely available to be downloaded from Apple’s website for app development. For iOS app development, swift programming language is commonly used in the Xcode framework. There is option of other languages that can be used such as Objective-C but the choice is up to the developer who will look for his convenience to using a particular language.

To learn the basics for iOS app development, a good read through the Apple’s official starting guide is must as it pictures on setting up Xcode, designing the basics of your app, planning the implementation of your app until the last process of submitting it to the Apple store for publishing.

The next step would be to get familiarized with the swift programming language or the programming language that you will be using for your iOS app development. Swift is the programming language recommended to beginners since it is much easier to work with and use too.

Another very good practical learning tool that will provide tips and tricks on iOS app development using Xcode is watching videos from Apple Worldwide Developers Conference website (WWDC) that picks every part of an app development and details on its usage. The videos also have complete coverage on game development. It gives a very good idea on basic tool sets to enhance your apps too.

To integrate advanced features in iOS app development and enhancing the app for providing various facilities to users is to add the Apple’s application programming interface (API) capabilities. API’s allow special functions like payment facilities into an app. But new app developers should make sure that the apps developed adhere to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines since Apple has a set of defined view of what apps go into their store. Apps that do not match the guidelines or are against the views will not get published.

The final step after iOS app development is to submit it to the App Store. Review criteria for a new app includes the base idea, technical details, content and design. The app that has broken links or incomplete information is rejected right on the first go while an app that crashes is rejected immediately even before looking at its technical details.

If you are all set with your idea to be born as an app, go and hit the apple iOS app development model with a good read of this article.

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