Go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Improve iOS Mobile Security

Apple products are high on demand because of their multi-use and they are also considered to be luxurious items. They come with much higher price as compared with their competitor products. Companies like Huawei; Samsung still struggles to have that number of customers which Apple has. With increase in sales of Apple’s products especially phones the need of mobile security becomes very important. Apple is taking all the necessary steps to make its mobile security services more fool proof so that its customers can relish a more secured and safer mobile experience.

iOS is Iphone operating system which was especially developed by Apple Inc. for its products like iPads, iPhones, iPods and etc. ios can be considered as the base of all the Apple’s products. The latest release of CRM ensures security in mobile devices in different ways. CRM stands for customer relationship management. This software package has been specially designed for better sales, publicity and service sectors. 

CRM supports extensive web services interface. Mobile security is very important aspect as our mobiles are used in public areas such as offices, parks, malls and etc. According to some private surveys mobiles are one which gets stolen mostly. Due to this reason it becomes very necessary that your phone have proper mobile security due to which in case of any theft important and private data from mobile phones can’t be misused. Microsoft CRM solutions provide with enhanced version which supports iOS version 8.1.

CRM for Mobile Security

Recently Microsoft launched dynamics crm app for tablets and phones with a consistent interface and multiple device support. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services uses a security privilege, CRM for mobile, to provide access to CRM for phones. Below mentioned steps can be followed for checking and assigning the security privilege for the role of security:

  1. Go to Settings > Security.
  2. Click Security Roles.
  3. Choose a security role > Business Management tab.
  4. In the Privacy Related Privileges section, make sure that CRM for mobile is set to Organization. If not, click CRM for mobile.
  5. Click Save and Close to safely save the changes to the security role you have made.
  6. Send an email to tablet-enabled users for letting them know they can now easily download the mobile app from the app store.
This applies to new installations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or later and customers that upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. You can easily include or remove this privilege from custom or default security characters which can help us in our business needs. 

Microsoft CRM solutions are very beneficial to the iPhone mobile users in numerous ways. It provides the user of iPhone mobile user with all the necessary mobile security options which are required the most. Microsoft since starting with Windows based phone have done a commanding job in the mobile security industry providing with many such important tools which are used for app developing. 

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