The best tools that help java developers perform better

If you have been working as a web developer, then the term “java” should be more than familiar to you. The truth is whatever you do now or will do in the future revolves entirely around java and its sub branches. Now with regards to java, there are basically two groups of people you usually see. One group would be the enthusiastic kind that believes that java happens to be one of most powerful and important languages and are eager to learn newer things about it. And the other group seems to be fascinated by the intricacy and technical details that java requires. You need to work on getting java coding spot on if you want to get anywhere with web development. 

The very crux of web design and development lies in java and java coding. However, as any web developer would agree, it can be quite tough to write an accurate and bug free java code which can result in flawless websites. Now your work can become a whole lot easier if you make the most of the tools that have been made available to you. Anyone who uses java on a regular basis would be aware of the number of tools that are available in the market; these tools have been designed specifically to make your lives as web developers easier. Any java web development company would know the importance of using these tools.

Here are some tools that can come to your aid while writing java codes:

Java development kit – Now come on, these are the very basics. You cannot work with java if you didn’t have a java development kit. You might dismiss it as something mainstream and might ignore it altogether. However, keep in mind that the java development kit or JDK, as it is often called, consists of the java APIs, java runtime environment, java complier, and so on. If you’re new to java, this is the most important tool for you. 

Eclipse – Eclipse is a specialized java integrated development environment. Also, this is one of the most popular kinds of IDE that is available in the market. If you want a tool that can help with syntax checking, code completion and re-fracturing, then this is the tool for you. Also, it comes with a whole lot of tool plug INS which are essential while developing a number of applications that require java. 

Netbeans – This is another kind of IDE or integrated development environment. Like the previous two tools, this tool too provides a number of features which include code analyzers, converters, editors et cetera. This particular tool can help you implement and make the most of the best and most recent technologies that java has introduced. A static analysis tool is one that would help you write accurate code for java which is free of any kind of errors. 

Intellij IDE 13.1 – Now this particular tool has often been hailed as the most intelligent kind of integrated development environment around and there is good reason for that. As it turns out, this tool has been developed specially for innovative solutions related to java. Also, it can help enhance productivity to a great extent. The best part is it doesn’t simply deal with web development and design but also mobile app development. This is not all; there are a number of other features that this tool provides. 

Oracle jdeveloper – When it comes to building websites that are service oriented and reliable, you need tools that can help you make the most of java and java based applications. Oracle jdeveloper is one such tool. This tool will take care of everything, from the very beginning of the development phase to the very end. Now that ensures you come up with the best java solutions. 

Junit – Junit is a kind of specialized kind of testing framework made especially for java based applications. With the help of this tool, you will be able to both write as well as run various kinds of tests. Here is one main advantage it provides you with. In other cases, you would have to write the entire code and then test it. If it failed, you would have to rewrite the entire thing. However in this case, you would be able to test each unit as you write it. Thus by the time you’re done, you would be equipped with a fully functional code that is bug free and works without glitches. You wouldn’t have to worry about its functionality. 

Jrat – Now when you write a code and then develop a web based or mobile based application with it, you must analyze the overall performance to ensure it works flawlessly. The best tool to test the overall performance would be Jrat. 

These are just some commonly used tools that are used by java web development company. These would not only make your lives easier but would also enable you to develop the best possible applications.